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Write for us

If you’re interested in blogging for us, you can contact me at chooseapple (at) hotmail (dot) com, or just leave a word right here on this page. Just give me your name and a way you’d like to be contacted.


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  1. haha… oh jade, figure out how to fix that address you wrote ….. “chooseapple (at) hotmail…..etc…
    just a glitch im sure.
    and feel free to delete this reply if you want.
    unless it was done on purpose?

  2. Anonymous said,

    It’s done to stop spam. 🙂

  3. bentcrude said,

    cool blog

  4. Everytime i click “new post” it posts the new post to
    so i’ve got a piece to contribute, im just not sure how.

  5. meattofu said,

    Hey. You can send it to me. I’ll post it for you. Otherwise, make sure you’re under “The Pitcher” after you log in. The tabs are at the top of the screen.

  6. is there a way to put one of these “reply” boxes on the home page? cuz i could contribute that way.
    . .
    or i can just email you the article

  7. meattofu said,

    If I did that, your entries would appear at the bottom of the page. WordPress isn’t that hard to configure. But yeah, e-mail me the article, and we can figure out how to make your account work later.

  8. strangedaze said,

    hey Jade, I wanna write for your blog. I didn’t up until now, because I didnt have anything to write about. Now I have an epic story to tell (sort of). Ok its not epic, but i feel like telling it anyway. Pretty please.

  9. strangedaze said,

    oh wait. my email address.

  10. strangedaze said,

    oh crap im going to be spammed now aren’t i

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