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New members

If you’re a new writer or reader, this is the place to introduce yourself!

Comment and tell us your name, what you study or do, where you live, what you think you can do for the community blog, and what you want from it.


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  1. karentsang said,

    Karen is in her nth year of undergraduate International Development Studies at York University, specializing in gender sociology. She is pursuing a career in Emergency Management.

    Having written for Chinese and German queer publications, she is delighted to contribute to a Toronto-based effort.

    Karen enjoys clever visuals, sweaty hikes, Turkish baths, robust wines, and mocking ignorantly snobbish city-folk.

  2. Yo Jade, i don’t think everyone is happy with this biography thing. some people want to keep an alias, be more discreet. there might be less truth and more censoring.

    rethink it. don’t make it a requirement.
    this isn’t facebook, the readers don’t need to know all the ins.

  3. meattofu said,

    You don’t have to have a biography! Only those who want to know and be known are welcome to write one to send it to me, and I’ll put them up.

    You are more than welcome to keep using any aliases or the opneID account. These posts are posted every Friday. Check out this Friday’s!

    Sorry about the confusion…

  4. flerida said,

    And here I was all ready to introduce myself. Yay, I don’t have to!

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