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ajaystewartproject: Jay Stewart is a spoken word agent provocateur who lives for stirring shit up. Jay can be found performing on stages across the GTA with pieces that include: “Don’t Hate, Just Masturbate”, “Chair Fucker” and “I Like Pussy and I Like Ass.” As well, he’s disturbing the airwaves with a new LIVE internet show, “Say Something!” every Sunday at 10pm EST at

april86: Denise is a strapping young lass living in Toronto. She really likes sociologically-minded discussion, but will also intellectually slum it and spend countless hours on topics of no real importance. Denise enjoys pillows, multi-coloured runners, poetry by Andrea Gibson and dance by Mia Michaels. Denise has a strong distaste for suburbia, mathematics and large egos.

darcyhero: darcyhero is a student at the university of toronto studying journalism and english. She enjoys snowboarding, making jewelery, travel and making really good desserts. A new girl to the queer scene, darcyhero revels in dancing at slack’s, drinking at fuzion and reading the latest khoas komix online.

eyesmiling: Eyesmiling’s real name is Amy. She’s pretty gay.

fearless55: Name: Michelle
I am working full time and just graduated from as Masters Program at U of T. I have no idea what I want to do, no idea where I want to live.
I was into this because I always wanted a free place to discuss my ideas. I have no idea what I am going to write about. I do know that if I has the outlet when I was younger I would be better suited to handle the future.

jhazeybee: Dessert aficionado/foodie trooper/urban dweller/homey granny-like knit and crochet person/karaoke-lover/human jukebox/bouncy block of cheese/abstract work of art/student/volunteer/poet/household cleaner (no, i am not a product that you can buy in the grocery store!)/daughter/ friend/queer/child of God/random talk writer/choppy/smiley laughing creature/comfort person/walker/commuter/peace-lover/dragon-boater/mover and shaker//
Whew…more random word descriptions to come as i grow and live longer in this universe.
I am Jac/Jacqui/Jacquiline/Hazel/DJ Hazey 😛

karentsang: Karen is in her nth year of undergraduate International Development Studies at York University, specializing in gender sociology. She is pursuing a career in Emergency Management.
Having written for Chinese and German queer publications, she is delighted to contribute to a Toronto-based effort.
Karen enjoys clever visuals, sweaty hikes, Turkish baths, robust wines, and mocking ignorantly snobbish city-folk.

lelenorelee: Hi folks, my name is Lenore Lee. I’m a former film student living in Toronto. I’m 23 and a Jane of all trades when it comes to new media. Currently I’m writing a couple of comics while doing freelance graphic design.
I’m a transgal and I’ve been out for about two years now (one of those instances where I knew about it all my life but only acknowledged it later in life). Oh yes, and I am an incredibly flamboyant nerd. I love comics, movies, music, and books. I WANT to learn how to play D&D but I can’t seem to find a group willing to play.
My hopes for this blog? I’d really like to get people thinking about stuff and encourage some productive conversations (NOT arguments) whether on a political or personal basis.
And as for what I plan on doing…I’d certainly like to keep up the “queer anthems” thing going for as long as you folks provide me with music…but other than that there are a lot of weird things I’ve noticed in terms of being trans, being a part of the queer community and breaking stereotypes. I think I’d like to post about these things.

lvk4: “Luka” Sidaravicius . Born and raised in ” Brazil” , but never a “Girl from Ipanema” . Somewhat ” Lost in translation” . I’m just a “Paranoid”, “Nowhere Man” , fighting and “Stayin’ alive”. “La vitta è bella” , but ” People are strange” (”Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey”).Avid reader, pretentious writer. “All I really want”( “I don’t know why but I do”): a “Sixth sense”, “Respect”, a “Pretty woman”, a “Stairway to heaven”, a “Fast car” and a “Detachable Penis”. However, ” I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”.
What else can I say about myself? Right now, I’m an intern in a community NGO. In my spare time I write, do drag, drink water with sugar and visit cemeteries.

meattofu: I’m Jade. I’m mostly just the tech person. I write for The Pitcher on a fairly consistent basis. I save my more idiosyncratic endeavors for my personal blog.

meza1985: I’m Meza.
I live in Toronto.
However, I’m not Canadian, I’m from Japan.
I have been here for 4 months, and I’m still learning English.
My major is Asian studies. Also, I’m interested in language studies, gender studies, queer studies and gay and lesbian studies.
I think we can use this blog as a discussion board.
I want to post about my ideas about queer societies and I hope I can find some interesting ideas from the blog.

qeewi: Qeewi spent a lot of time in her bedroom closet as a child.

RGH: My name is Ryan.
I like and utilize lists.
I work in theatre and performance art.
I haven’t written for The Pitcher (yet!).
I live in the *real* west end, not parkdale.
I would love for The Pitcher to be art and politics and media critiques and queer pop culture from a Toronto POV.
I think there’s a lot of racism, sexism and homo/queer/bi/trans phobia from all corners flying around out there, and like nothing more than shouting from rooftops about that fact.
I like shrimp curry, triple pirouettes, glitter, hoodies, dollar store trash, old (1930-1959) movies, eating alone, samba drums, leopard print, dark chocolate, power failures, androgyny,
international backpacking, and making sure my internet self reflects my real self.

sexyangel69: Danielle Cooper was once played but is now a player – albeit, a player in her infancy. Luckily her game is best likened to a match of t-ball. She took up knitting to keep herself out of trouble.

tyrannoboyishrex… tyrannoboyishrex forever fights the battle between being a poet in love and a poet falling out …


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  1. opheliathestrange said,

    Small town girl in the big city. I guess you’ll find out more as time goes on.

  2. BiilYBonnYU said,

    As it seems to me, article actual for today. I wish the author of a blog to publish more than interesting articles!

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